Idea To Business: 44 Powerful Experiments To Run

One of the key problems experienced by product teams is that they’re not well-versed in the techniques of prototyping & experimenting with ideas. Not only that, but they don’t often know what options even exist. And there are many! Yet, there’s no one place where one would go to find them all. There’s no body […]

Recruiters & LinkedIn Don’t Have Problem/Solution Fit? [Product Idea Validation Template]

This post shows you how I validated a product idea for free. I also found out that recruiters have unique challenges. Below I describe specific steps I took and some techniques and tools I used + how I reasoned about the problem. At the end, I summarize what I could improve and what you could […]

Run When You See These 7 Red Flags On The First Day Of Your New Job

Red Flags. Hard-to-see patterns that emerge from a mismatch in “what should be” vs. “what is”. Your new job may look scintillating. The offices are nice, the people are nice, everyone’s nodding in approval. But it all comes crashing soon. Maybe you see this on day 1 and you don’t pay attention to it. Maybe […]

The Best Collection of Great A/B Test Posts

Each section has 1-3 top posts that will help you triangulate and find the common and the uncommon advice on a particular topic. This video provides a great deep dive into the unpopular truths about A/B tests and statistics involved. Save this for later, it’s 45+ mins. Let me know if you have unanswered questions […]

The Best Collection of Great Product Management Posts

If you’ve gone remote and worry how your product muscle will work… Tips from Hiten Shah The Godfather of PM, Marty Cagan, on remote discovery If you’ve got a huge backlog and need to make sense of it… 11 Ways I Visualize Product Development Work Backlog/Roadmap Hygiene Tips The GIST Board and Other GIST Tools […]